About Us

Vision :
To be the most preferred and trusted regulatory consultant and a leading hospitality provider.
Mission :
+ We are consultant & hospitality provider
+ We provide consultancy & hospitality services, serve and promote halal products locally & globally
+ We exist to ease & to satisfy our clients needs
+ We strive to add new values to other people in all our business activities
Tagline :
Our tagline reflects our intention to serve our clients and customers in handling their approval matters for licenses in the most appropriate and efficient manner, right from the first step. We exist to be the leader in all our business activities, both in the services and products sectors.
Our Business Objectives are:
Result OrientedTo focus on speedy and expected results.
Subject Matter ExpertTo provide expertise and knowledgeable consultancy.
Customer SatisfactionTo deliver professional, effective and efficient services to meet customer satisfaction and expectation.
ComplianceTo ensure all products requirement comply with local and international technical specifications.
Good reputationTo maintain an excellent reputation with local government authorities and to build on-going relationship with customers.
International contactTo be the main contact for international approval specialist and foreign clients for regulatory approvals request in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.
One Stop CenterTo be one-stop-centre in handling regulatory approval matters.
Our Corporate Values are derived from the attributes of the Prophet of Muhammad (PBUH), the exemplary leader of mankind.
Fatonah - wisdom.
Amanah - trustworthiness.
Siddiq - truthfulness.
Tabligh - advocacy.
    Our Core Competencies are the minimum quality of all of us:
We all have Business Acumen.
We practise effective Communication.
We act accordingly to our Customer Orientation.
We choose to Continuously Learning.
We positively have the Drive to achieve results.
AnsarDerived from Arabic word meaning "the helper's, assistance"
2004AnsarComp was incorporated to provide regulatory approval services.
2005We begin with humbly four full-time staff and a SOHO office despite many demand from clients.
2010We grew to more than 30 full-time staff and 3 office lots.
2011Creating Halal Consultancy service to cater demand from SME into achieving global branding standard.
2012Itqan Professional was created as a platform of sharing professionalism and polishing skills for better tomorrow.
2013The birth of D'Ansar Mart & Maidah Cuisine, a step closer to respond to the demanding community of fresh groceries and halal eateries.
2014A smart partnership with Altel Communication to fulfil demand for Bumiputera communication service provider
2015We join the internet forces with ezysouq.com to improves access to customers globally 24/7
2015AnsarCARE, our official CSR team, with tagline Beautiful Heart & Mind purposefully carrying mission to grow and help the society.
2016Maidah Cuisine Central Kitchen was open for catering business. The kitchen can prepare food up to 5000 pax at one time.