CB Scheme Application Services from SIRIM

The CB Scheme was created by the IECEE  (International  Electrotechnical Commission  for  Electrical  Equipment).  It is an international programme for  the exchange  and  acceptance  of  electrical  and  electronics  products  safety  test results  among the participating laboratories and certification organizations around the  world.F-EDIT

    Benefits of the IECEE CB Scheme:

  • Reduces technical barriers to trade caused by different certification criteria in different countries.
  • Promotes the exchange of information necessary in assisting manufacturers around the world to obtain certification at the national level.
  • Manufacturers may utilize the CB Test Report and Certificate obtained from the National Certification Body (NCB) to obtain National Approvals in other member countries.
  • Eliminates the significant delays and costs of multiple testing and approval thus allowing the industry to market its products faster whilst reducing financial costs.
  • Electrical equipment manufactured to the IEC standards and tested within the IECEE system wll be assured of the same high level of safety no matter where these products are manufactured and tested.