Certificate of Approval services for Steel Products from SIRIM & MITI

Certificate of Approval  (COA)  is  controlled  and  certified by  SIRIM, the agency responsible for the enforcement  of the Mandatory  Standard Compliance. It basically relates to the importation of iron and steel products (non-construction sector) through the Malaysian Custom (prohibitions of imports), under the Customs Act  1967.


As published in the website  of  MITI,  the  policy  regulating the iron  and  steel  industry in Malaysia has been implemented with two objectives:

i. To enhance the competitiveness of the local steel industry

ii. To encourage the manufacturing of more competitive steel products for the international markets locally

AnsarComp has taken one step further by offering efficient services to assist clients in obtaining COA applications smoothly in the iron and steel industry. AnsarComp offers a range of specialised services from SIRIM and MITI:

i. COA application and testing services

ii. COA release letter

iii. E-permit application for steel products