• What is SIRIM label?
  • How many category of SIRIM label application?
  • Is it mandatory to affix SIRIM label?
  • Where can we purchase the SIRIM label?
  • Where should I stick the SIRIM label sticker?
  • How can we know our product require IMEI number or not?
  • How can I obtain the IMEI number to proceed for label application?
  • What is the lead-time to get SIRIM label?
  • Who is responsible for equipment labeling?


  • What is the meaning of SIRIM Type Approval?
  • What is the meaning of SIRIM Special Approval?
  • I would like to import Handphone from China and please explain to me what are the procedures and how can you help me with it.
  • What are the allowed frequency for WiFi technology in Malaysia?
  • What do we need to do if our WiFi product consist of un-allowed frequency 5.45 – 5.75 GHz?


  • Why should I register for E-Permit Dagang Net account?
  • How long it takes for registration? My shipment already stuck at customs
  • Is it compulsory to have DagangNet acccout?
  • What are Form 9, Form 24, Form 49 for registration of Dagang Net account?
  • How can I get the import permit (e-permit) without Dagang Net account?
  • How can I register the E-Permit Dagang Net account? Can you help me with this registration?
  • What is Dagang Net?
  • Who should sign the Dagang Net registration form and agreement?


  • What is Strategic Trade Act (STA)
  • Why we should have the Act?
  • What is export permit? Why should I apply export permit?
  • What kinds of products that are considered as strategic items/goods?
  • Products that require Import permit have its Harmonized Tariff System Nomenclature (HTS) to classify it. Does export permit using HTS code too?
  • What is ECCN code?
  • Where can I get my products ECCN code?
  • What is the lead-time in to obtain the export permit?
  • Our company does not have any Dagang Net account to apply export permit and we have an urgent shipment to export. Can we use other company's account for applying export permit?
  • How many types of export permit available and which type is suitable for my company?
  • What is the validity period for the export permits?
  • Is the procedure in getting bulk and multiple permit same with the single use permit?
  • What is ICP and can AnsarComp help us to get the ICP?
  • Is there any country or person that being restricted prior export?


  • What is COA?
  • Who should apply for the COA?
  • Who should concerned with this COA procedure?
  • What types of products are subject to apply for COA?
  • What are the procedure or process to get the COA?
  • What type of documents are required to apply COA?
  • What is the lead-time to get the COA?
  • I buy this product from manufacturer from China and want to sell in Malaysia under my company brand; can I use the same test report produce by manufacturer?
  • I have three products to sell in Malaysia that subject for COA. They are from the same product category but with different models. Can I apply the COA by only one application?
  • Do we need to renew the COA?
  • How long the duration expiry date of the COA?
  • What is the procedure to renew the COA?
  • My electrical product is not included in the controlled item/ non-regulated item, but the ST Officer had asked our company to apply for a Release Letter. How I am going to apply the Release Letter? Do we still need to apply the SIRIM Label?
  • Do you provide service for applying ST and SIRIM Label application for LCD TV?.
  • For LCD TV, is it mandatory to apply both ST's and SIRIM's approval?
  • What is the procedure of ST approval?
  • Do we need to attach any label or logo on packing?
  • May I know approximately when we can get the final COA?