October 31, 2022 – Recently, the top management of AnsarComp organized a special programme for the leaders to undergo strategic planning training. The program, which lasted for 4 days, and 3 nights was led by Coach Rafi and attended by 17 participants. The training venue was at the Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Ferringhi, Penang.

The purpose of AnsarComp’s Strategic Planning is to review the company’s vision for the future and revisit its goals and objectives. The process includes identifying the sequence in which these goals should be realized so that the business can achieve its declared vision.

This programme is often carried out annually to polish the business strategy plan. A well-defined strategy plan can help transform overarching goals into an action plan and goals that can be aligned and implemented.

Apart from identifying goals and objectives, Coach Rafi helped us recognize possible strategic challenges that may not be clear. For example, improving staff skills and knowledge may be one of the main goals in striving for better growth, but this could disclose unanticipated issues with staff retention and remuneration that resulted in undermining cost-cutting objectives.

With the presence and guidance from Coach Rafi, we were also able to review, discuss and analyze the challenges and identify opportunities coupled thru the SWOT/TOWS analysis with using the GOST concept and prioritizing the most initiatives for strategic planning in the short and long-term as well as able to recognize the potential and challenges that lie ahead of us also foresee risks and determine what resources are necessary to take advantage of opportunities and resolve strategic problems.

Strategic planning also provides us with a sense of direction and unites us with a common goal. It serves as a road map and accountability to accomplish short and long-term goals. Through this training, we understand who we are, what we have accomplished, what we want to accomplish, how we are going to accomplish it, and who is going to be accountable.

According to Coach Rafi, in ensuring a sustainable edge over its competitors as effectively as possible, we need to re-align AnsarComp’s business growth for the short and long-term goals only then we can obtain clear objectives, a refined strategy articulation framework, and effective tactics that support the development of a robust and solid business plan for AnsarComp.

Finally, we end our training by constructing the company BSC and performance target for AnsarComp and all its business units. Coach Rafi helped us cascade Departmental KPI’s for all AnsarComp team members.


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