The species covered by CITES
  • Wildlife Act
  • Totally Protected
  • Protected CITES
Services that we offer
  • CITES import/export permit
  • CITES re-export permit
  • NON CITES import/export permit
  • NON CITES re-export permit
  • Special Permit Letter (new/renewal)
  • Dealer license Taxidermy (new/renewal)
  • CITES Logbook Training

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2 comments on “WILDLIFE

  1. Hi I am looking for experience exporter ,export Wilflife animal to china ,you may WhatsApp’s me +60128503320 tan

    1. Dear Tan xiang jie,

      Thank you for your inquiry. We currently do not handle LIVE animals. We at AnsarComp just make luxury goods. Please contact the WILDLIFE department directly for more information.

      Thank You.

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