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It normally takes more than three working days. However, our clients usually obtain the approval around one or two working days.

Wireless router is subject to SIRIM Type Approval. Thus, you need to get Type Approval (TA) prior to any importations. Certainly, our services will save you a lot of time and cost.

Bluetooth module requires SIRIM Type Approval (TA) application and SIRIM certificate will be granted for applicant to market the electronic magnetic lock in Malaysia. Applicants need to apply for MCMC label as a part of the TA requirements.

With our assistance, the applicant shall go through the Type Approval application, AP application, HID registration and SLP application in order to sell electronic magnetic locks equipped with Bluetooth communication in Malaysia.

Applicants need to undergo a one-time registration of SIRIM e-CEE and we will assist the applicants to sign Letter of Undertaking at SIRIM QAS, Shah Alam for SIRIM evaluation, followed by SIRIM Consignment test for Safety Label as a part of their requirements.

Followed by SIRIM Consignment test for Safety Label. Upon quotation, we will advise the applicants regarding the On-Site Inspection Fee; Testing Fee and Label Fee.

AnsarComp as a reliable regulatory approval agency provides training in the matter of maintaining the CITES permit for boutique or even store. Do contact AnsarComp for the training assistance as our service equipped a proper and necessary information about CITES permit.

For your information, Ansarcomp is a Regulatory Approval Consultation Company revolving many government agencies. Our services include procedure compliance involving JAKIM for HALAL certification. As for the application of Halal certificate for company, we will assist the applicant in MYeHALAL system, document keeping and its workflow.

The types of products that need to be approved by MAQIS belong to the categories of live plants, animal products, animal food, seeds, microorganisms, and sand/minerals.

Motorcycle helmet is a controlled item due to its safety issue. Therefore, individual helmet importation also requires release letter from JPJ. AnsarComp is at hand with the application of JPJ Release Letter. To assist further, our client shall submit the shipment invoice; K1 draft (Custom Declaration Form) and photos of the helmet to us.

CoC is generally inspected during customs clearance if the product being imported requires it. Without CoC, products may be impounded, confiscated, and in some cases, destroyed.

AnsarComp is beyond capable in assisting client with CoC and Conformity mark. Therefore, client needs to provide the evidence of MyStandard account registration for our further assistance.

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