A Special Gift – Apple iPhone 12

Cerita petang Ahad, 2 hari lepas.

Saya terima satu panggilan yang tidak dikenali…

Tapi kena alih bahasa sat…


The Caller: Hello, is that Pn Ramlah, AnsarComp?

Me: Yes, Ramlah speaking from AnsarComp. May I know who is on the line?”

The Caller: “This is Mark (not a real name) calling from Singapore. Your company, AnsarComp, still offers import permit services right?

Me: “Yes, you are right sir. What can I do for you sir?”

The Caller: “That’s great. I would like to ship a special gift to someone in Malaysia. But I know it requires an import permit. Can you help me with this?”

Me: “Ok, may I know what is the gift item?”

The caller: “Owh it is an iPhone 12. I need it urgently. Can you prepare the permit in advance?

Me: “Oh yes sure. It is considered for personal use, so we can just apply under special approval permit.

For now, just email us….. and the cost is around…..

And my team will get back to you during office hour tomorrow as today is public holiday. We can only process the permit during office hour.”

The Caller: “Ok. Sure, I will do that.
Thank you very much for help. I really appreciate that.”

Me: “Welcome. Thank you for calling us at AnsarComp. Have a nice weekend!”


iPhone 12 belum dilancarkan di Malaysia dan beliau adalah antara jutaan peminat setia iphone, yang dah tak sabar nak hadiahkan model iphone terkini ini kepada seseorang di Malaysia.

Untuk peminat iphone di Malaysia, pastinya mereka juga tak sabar menunggu kehadirannya.

Maka beginilah antara sebahagian tugasan kami setiap hari menguruskan permit pelanggan.

Apa yang paling penting mereka nak pastikan produk mereka sampai kepada pelanggan tepat pada masanya tanpa sebarang masalah.

Apapun, kita tak perlu tunggu iphone 12 untuk hadiah. (Kalau dapat tu memang bonuslah kan…)

Setiap hari pun kita boleh bagi hadiah, walaupun sekadar senyuman dan juga doa dari hati yang tulus ikhlas… 😊 😊



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