Frequently asked questions or Questions and Answers are listed questions and answers, which usually our clients ask. These questions are also how they started to find us.

I'm planning to import mobile phone from Taiwan, may I know how to apply for Sirim? Normally take how many day to approve it?

It may take more than 3 working days if you have no idea how to apply for it. But our customer normally take only 1- 3 working days.

My friend stay in US and I wish to ask him to post some IT gadgets (tablet/mobile phones) back to Malaysia for profit. What are the procedures? Sirim, AP? What are these and how much would be the cost?

IT gadgets like tablet/mobile phones, is subjected for SIRIM permit. The cost will be depending on the import quantity. Speak to our consultant to maximise your profit.

I want to import stuff from China, like 100-300 unit per shipment. What permit do I need and how can I get it?

You need to apply for Type Approval (TA). But 100-300 units per shipment are huge quantity. Let us help you.

I am trying to import some LED lights from China, for commercial purpose. And definitely will get hold by kastam for Sirim clearance right? So I need TA for each type of LED lights I plan to import? How long would that usually take and what I can do to avoid that in advance?

You cannot avoid Custom clearance. But we can ease it for you. For your info, LED lights are subject for Certificate of Approval (COA) under Suruhanjaya Tenaga not Type Approval (TA) under SIRIM.

What if the item is not approved by Sirim, is there any way to get the items that is stuck in Kastam?

No other way. You need to return the item to its origin. Next time, you can consult with us before importing. Our experience consultant can help you a lot.

My phone stuck in custom and the United Parcel Service (UPS) called me to apply SIRIM permit. What should I do? Can I use any agency for help to apply?

Yes, Ansarcomp can assist you on the SIRIM permit application.

Does anyone know whether I need SIRIM approval/permit/testing if I want to import wireless routers to Malaysia? Reselling purpose.

Wireless router is subject for SIRIM Type Approval. Thus, you need to get Type Approval (TA) prior to any importation. Commercially, our services will save you a lot of time and cost.

How can I apply for personal usage permit? My boyfriend in China sent me a phone and it is now stuck in Custom.

You can appoint Ansarcomp as your consultant and we will assist you on the application from A-Z. Our service fee is the most affordable.

I need a runner to help me get SIRIM PERMIT, any contact here please.

Yes, please contact us or simply WhatsApp at +6011 3290 9022 for further assistance.

I redeem a smartwatch from Krisshop Singapore Airline. DHL called me say I need to pay for AP and tax. I'm wondering that AP only needed for wireless product, why my smartwatch need AP? I thought watch is non-taxable item? Please help.

The smartwatch is require AP because it has Bluetooth function. Thus, it is also subject for SIRIM Type Approval. When in doubt over importing, you can always contact us.