As promised, here is the general process flow for applying CITES for AnsarComp existing customer.

1 -> Receive request from customer

2 -> Customer confirmed & agreed with our charges

3 -> Proceed apply from dagangnet on behalf of the customer

4 -> Email the application to Wildlife department

5 -> Collect CITES and make payment

6 -> Courier approved document CITES

It’s not too nuclear-genius-complicated, but its a tedious process for businesses to visit government offices regularly and/or follow up an application.

> We are here to speed up your process.
> We are here to less your cost-efficiently.
> Did we not telling you yet? Our response rate is below 1 hour per enquiry 😉

p/s 15 years with 15 different government agencies. Where else can you find a service like us? 😊

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  1. Hi, I’m doing the aworana breeding business on bukit merah. May I know how to apply cites for exporting aworana to other country?

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