Everyone now must wear a face mask to prevent any cough and sneeze fluids from transferring into the air and potentially infecting others.

Without wearing a face mask especially in the public area, the person is considered guilty and can be fined.
There are 2 types of face masks: medical and non-medical face masks.

Medical or surgical masks are used by healthcare professionals and patients to protect them from exposure to infections, blood and bodily fluids.

In Malaysia, SIRIM is capable to conduct product certification and testing for medical face masks, based on the international standard BS EN 14683 which covers:
? Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
? Differential Pressure
? Splash resistance pressure (Synthetic Blood)
? Microbial Cleanliness (Bioburden)
? Biocompatibility

As for non-medical face masks, they still need to meet minimum requirements to protect from virus infections.
With the high demand for face masks usage during pandemic Covic 19, here is good news from SIRIM to all face mask manufacturers.

SIRIM offers a 20% rebate from product certification fees from Jun 2021 until Dec 2021. This is to help manufacturers to enjoy the rebate during this critical season of Covid 19.

We, at AnsarComp, can assist manufacturers to apply the SIRIM certification and testing for the above medical face masks.

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(Credit: The Star online & CodeBlue)

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