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On February 19, 2022, we had our Ansarcomp Monthly Assembly February 2022 with all Ansarian staff, including those who had to work from home. The monthly assembly is likely to be like a training session for all staff. The training was conducted by Puan Ramlah. For this year of 2022, the theme was ‘FLYHIGH’. This training session aimed at creating an atmosphere of building closer relationships between team members, improving team spirit and teamwork, and developing team qualities such as attitude, skills, and knowledge.

Puan Ramlah gave a brief speech on self-reflection to kick off the ceremony. She reminds us that life is full of challenges. How we react to these challenges shapes our character, allowing us to learn from them and make better decisions in the future. Not only does it affect us personally, but it can also have an impact on business cultures. For example, how do we intend to improve ourselves in a way that also helps to expand Ansarcomp?

Apart from that, Puan Ramlah also shared a video (7 Leadership Principles You Can Learn from An Eagle). Puan Ramlah explained to us that to keep improving ourselves and be a better person is to try to apply all the 7 leadership principles.

  1. Eagles have vision
  2. Eagles are fearless
  3. Eagles are tenacious
  4. Eagles are highflyers
  5. Eagles never eat dead meat
  6. Eagles possess vitality
  7. Eagles nurture their younger ones

The 7 leadership principles teach us that true leaders evolve alongside their people. Leaders encourage and support people in their organizations or societies to reach their full potential. A good leader teaches and guides just like the mother eagle does. Leaders never stop challenging their people, but they never stop empowering and leading them as well. Fly far above it all like an eagle!!

The (Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge) ASK model was the next subject highlighted by Puan Ramlah during the session. ASK Talk is a monthly training session designed for all Ansarians. The aim of the ASK Talk model is to help individuals establish a successful personality. For greater organizational sustainability, Ansarcomp also adopts the ASK approach to assess employees. Puan Ramlah believed that attitude, skill, and knowledge are key factors in developing a successful personality.

Lastly, for groups activity, we had “case study” activities to train on communication skills and weekly event assignments, divided by business units to train the team trainees on leadership & teamwork.

Overall, we Ansarian looking forward to the next Ansarcomp Monthly Assembly March 2022 that is expected to be conducted on March 19, 2022.

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