Digital National Berhad (DNB) preferred Ericsson (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as the main leader to develop the fifth generation (5G) technology network and ecosystem in the country.

DNB’s 5G network in Malaysia set a record in the Asian region after it was the first to use Ericsson’s AIR 3268 radio antenna. This new generation’s smaller and lighter antenna is more environmentally friendly due to reduced power consumption when operating.

In contrast to the radio antennas of previous generations, the AIR 3268 reduces electricity consumption by up to 18%. With a weight of 12 kg and a volume of 23 litres, which is also 40% lighter to facilitate the installation process on transmission towers, poles, walls and roofs of buildings.

When using 5G over mid-band frequencies, this new radio is predicted to support Massive MIMO architecture and have uplink booster capabilities that will result in more energy efficiency.

The AIR 3268 is created with Ericsson Silicon, offering real-time channel estimation and incredibly precise beamforming that enhances coverage and user experience. With its smaller size and lighter weight, the AIR 3268 will make site upgrades easier, even in locations with a limited number of antennas.

DNB intends to deploy a 5G network across Selangor, Penang, Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak’s five largest cities and districts this year.

It is expected to have a great influence on all sectors, especially businesses. With faster speeds, larger capacity, and reduced latency, 5G is presumed to be the key to innovation in tomorrow’s future. Increased speeds can bring up new possibilities regarding public safety and business.

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