SIRIM permit for custom clearance is probably the most longed-for keyword in Malaysia.

The emergence of technology has spurred demand for many electrical and electronic devices in Malaysia and has created opportunities for import and export businesses that could boost international trade.

Undoubtedly, importing allows you to find goods at lower prices, which is especially advantageous to the manufacturing sector. And using foreign manufacturing facilities and exporting product components could lower business expenses.

Certification of these imported products is very important. In Malaysia, the safety authentication of communication devices is recognized by SIRIM Certification. When a consumer sees this “SIRIM” sign, it indicates that the electrical and electronic equipment is safe to use.

Most consumers may be unaware that the electrical and electronic devices or equipment procured are required to be certified by SIRIM for use in Malaysia.

Therefore, as an importer, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of these devices that are brought in can be sold in the market without any problems.

If you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor, reseller, company, individual, or any organization whose cargo went stuck at the customs gateway due to SIRIM import permit issues.

Worry not! You are at the right place! Together, let’s support our fellow Malaysian, to connect and enjoy their life and business as usual by enabling better and quality communication devices for them.

At AnsarComp, we offer a complete range of SIRIM approval services ranging from type approval applications to the SIRIM certificate renewal process. Our specialized services include:

  • IOR & EOR Services Application
  • Type Approval Application
  • Special Approval Application (company used, personal, exhibition, demo, training, trial & R&D)
  • Self-Labelling Programmed (SLP) Application
  • Certificate Of Conformity (COC) Renewal Application
  • e-Permit Application (SIRIM Import permit)

We are…

  • Friendly, fast & able to respond immediately to all inquiries. In an internal survey conducted, we have achieved a 90% rate of customer satisfaction from our golden customers.
  • Reasonable & affordable cost as currently, we are the only consultant company who can provide such services which also cover multiple agencies in Malaysia. This means, if your permit requires a nod from other agencies, you don’t have to go alone on your own. We can solve it for you, and you will save more time.
  • Appropriate solutions within 24 hours to 72 hours (depending on the case-to-case basis) as we can interconnect with other Government agencies in solving your case. All these are no doubt for us with our track record and abundance of experience from 2004 until the present.

If you are looking for SIRIM approval agent, fill in the form here and our consultant will contact you as soon as possible!

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