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Last Saturday, we experienced the heartwarming ASK TALK – NOVEMBER 2023, our cherished monthly training and gathering session held at the Abu Bakar Hall. Given the ongoing events in Palestine, we commenced our monthly assembly with a soulful Doa Palestine, the recitation of Asma Ul Husna, and the poignant Qunut Nazilah.

Our journey unfolded with the enlightening session by Coach Pn Ramlah, who passionately delved into the significance of the personal dashboard. This intricate dashboard encapsulates the essence of staff personalities, encompassing attitudes, skills, and knowledge. It became evident that such insights would prove invaluable for both staff and the company, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of performance.

Following this enriching session, we took a brief respite to nourish ourselves with a delightful breakfast. As we regathered, anticipation filled the air for Activity 1 – “Our State” by Master AI. This engaging activity allowed us to introspect and rate our competencies in vital areas such as communication, teamwork, planning, and problem-solving. The outcomes, we realized, would serve as a valuable tool for management and human resources to gauge our collective performance.

The interlude brought us to an energetic segment orchestrated by the HR team — a series of lively and interactive games. These activities were not only enjoyable but also tested our fundamental skills in speed and focus, creating an atmosphere of shared laughter and camaraderie.

No event would be complete without a thoughtful finish. Thus, we wrapped up the day with the introduction of new staff members, a celebration of birthdays that filled the room with joy, and the timeless tradition of capturing memories with a group photo.

As we bid farewell to ASK-TALK – November 2023, a sense of anticipation and excitement lingers for what the next month holds. We eagerly look forward to the December 2023 assembly, where we will undoubtedly come together once again for learning, growth, and the cherished spirit of togetherness.

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