Talking about overseas’ made motorcycle helmet, it has been ages since riders in Malaysia had their eyes on motorcycle helmets made overseas. France, Japan, United States and Italy are among well-known countries that produce helmets under the distinguished brands like Shoei, Arai, Nolan, AGV and many more. These helmets are without doubt cost more than it would for local helmets. But with the stupendous features offered, the authenticity, luxury and fame, capital is out of the topic. Are you helmet lovers aware that there is a compulsory permit demanded along with your imported helmet as prerequisite for the helmet’s importation?

In order for the helmet to pass through Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) inspection, the buyer must possess a permit from the Road Safety Department (JPJ), following the compliance of quality standard set by United Nations (UN) R22 Protective Helmets and Visors for Drivers and Passengers of Motorcycles and Moped or Malaysian Standards (MS) 1 specifications for protective helmets for vehicle users.

Nevertheless, in possible scenario where the item is already detained by CUSTOMS, the retrieving process will be prolonged. As an alternative, a competent and reliable consultant will be incumbent to manage documents necessary to be submitted to JPJ for release letter. Alongside with that, there are innumerable documents compulsory to be taken into consideration, which is also better run by a consultant.

AnsarComp is delighted to assist any individual in the matter of motorcycle helmet importation, provides you consultation on solutions necessary involving government agencies regulatory approvals, swiftly. The regulation might be a hassle for some, but the purpose of the implementation is undebatable, for the safety’s sake of riders who rides on Malaysia’s roadways.

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  1. I wish to buy a helmet form European countries for personal use. What necessary conditions and how the sevices charge? thank you

  2. I wish to buy a helmet from oversea for personal use. May I know how does your service charge,please?
    Looking forward to hear from you asap.

    1. Hi Brandon, thank you for your comment.
      If you wish to buy helmet from oversea, please ensure the helmet has E marking to obtain approval from JPJ. For further assistance, you may contact us through Whatsapp or drop an email and our team shall assist accordingly.

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