IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet Protocol, which identifies devices across the internet so they can be located. (Every device that uses the internet is identified through its own IP address for internet communication to work. In that respect, it is just like the street addresses and zip codes you need to know to mail a letter).

The previous version, IPv4, uses a 32-bit addressing scheme to support 4.3 billion devices, which was thought to be enough. However, the growth of the internet, personal computers, smartphones and now Internet of Things devices, prove that the world needed more addresses.

The 128-bit IPv6 protocol is made up of eight numbered strings, each of which contains four characters separated by a colon. This gives us an impossible number of devices to support, 340 undecillions to be precise. With IPv6, we can be certain that we will not run out of IP address spaces anytime soon.

Other IPv6 benefits:

  • Efficient Routing

IPv6 makes routing more efficient and hierarchical by reducing the size of routing tables. In IPv6 networks, fragmentation is handled by the source device, rather than a router, using a protocol for the discovery of the path’s maximum transmission unit.

  • Increased Capacity

IPv6 provides more address space than IPv4 because it uses a 128-bit addressing scheme. The network and host components’ lengths have been increased by two times. Even if there are more web addresses, it can be easily accommodated because the resources are allocated efficiently.

  • Directed Data Flows

IPv6 supports multicast rather than broadcast. Multicast allows bandwidth-intensive packet flows to be sent to multiple destinations simultaneously, saving network bandwidth.

  • Simplified Network Configuration

IPv6 uses automatic configuration to eliminate subnetting issues. Static IP addresses were phased out in favor of automatic configuration.

  • Security

IPv6 is designed to carry out IPSec security. IPSec contains Authentication Headers (AH) which have authentication methods inbuilt into the network firewall.


Any direct-connected equipment that has been assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address by an Internet service provider or cellular provider;

(a) Shall be certified (Type Approval) by SIRIM as the certifying agency Under the CMA 1998, Communications & Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulations 2000 to ensure Compliance to MCMC Technical Codes & Certification Requirements,


(b) Shall be subjected to import permit (CoA) issued by Cross Border Regulatory Agency (CBRA) as per Customs Act 1967 (Prohibition of Imports) Order 2017 to enable product Clearance

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