Did you know that toys you bought for your children with wireless features like WIFI and Bluetooth require a valid MCMC label?

If NO, you should be concerned!

Toys that include a communication module (or modules) such as WIFI, Bluetooth, 2G, 4G, 5G, and so on are called ‘hybrid’ toys. Children’s hybrid toys must be certified by SIRIM and bear the MCMC label.

SIRIM QAS, as the registered certifying agency with MCMC, certifies wireless toys to ensure that it does not cause radio frequency interference to other communication devices and networks.

Industry players MUST ensure that the toys manufactured or imported have been tested, declared, and carried the MC mark to indicate compliance with the Malaysian mandatory safety standards.

Always look for the MCMC label before purchasing any wireless toys. PLAY IT SAFE!

Every consumer has the right to demand safe goods and services, especially concerning their loved ones.

Indeed, it is always the responsibility of the manufacturers or suppliers to ensure that all products and services they produce or supply meet minimum safety requirements, BUT the choice is yours to make as an intelligent consumer.

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