AnsarComp is a business that provides IOR and EOR services, and we have successfully assisted several worldwide companies in importing their goods and communication products into Malaysia.  

We have gained over ten (10) years of reputation as a reliable business that enables our clients to clear their shipments swiftly and efficiently without experiencing any difficulties with the importation approval procedure. The importers must ensure all those shipments comply with local regulations prior to importation by having proper product certification to avoid any problems with shipment clearance. 

The idea of having AnsarComp serve as your IOR and EOR in this situation is thus relevant to simplifying the importation process where all approvals for the goods are obtained under those designated as IOR. Still, the goods are shipped directly to different customers who make the actual purchases of the goods. 

To import and export any goods, it is necessary to have an established business or a legal entity in the destination or country of origin. This is when YOU NEED US. These services are efficient for online businesses (for bulk shipment) and for those foreign companies that need to import their products to their distributors in Malaysia without hassle and hesitation. 

AnsarComp has offered these IOR and EOR services for a few big international companies that export their communications products to Malaysia. Our proven track record of our IOR/EOR business model, for almost the past ten (10) years, our clients can clear their shipments promptly with less headache in the importation approval process. 

Are you importing or exporting products? In need of IOR / EOR?  

Contact AnsarComp at +6011 3120 2252 or email us at We will assist you from there. 

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