IOR/EOR services can eliminate the difficulties and hassles of importation. If your business does not have a physical presence in the country of import, this can result in a lot of unneeded complications and costs.

The IOR Services offered by Ansarcomp enable your business to act as the officially recognized legal entity on behalf of its clients. To manage and supervise import and export operations, Importer of Record (IOR) / Exporter of Record (EOR) include some direct responsibilities as:

  • Classification and valuation of the merchandise before the import.
  • Overall review of the import export processes.
  • Responsible for compliance, especially related to communication and electrical products.
  • Compliance of the destination/source country regulations.
  • Obtain licenses and permits from respective government authorities eg: SIRIM, Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST), MITI, WILDLIFE, JAKIM, etc.
  • Paying all the taxes upon an international trade.
  • Presenting the specific declarations to government agencies.
  • Prepared all the required documentation (certifications, permits and authorizations).
  • Provide storage when needed, terms and condition apply.
  • Involve in helping clients in import audit activities by customs.

At Ansarcomp, we provide reliable assistance and propose appropriate solutions to our clients in dealing with multiple regulatory authorities, under one roof. IOR and EOR services are one of our unique services that give a significant impact on import and export activities for our clients in Malaysia since almost the past 10 years.

Thus, if you need us to be your importer of record (IOR) or exporter of record (EOR), please do not hesitate to contact us at +6011 3120 1152 or drop an email at


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