Many people undoubtedly still remember how devastating the country’s last flood disaster was, which not only caused property damage but also lost of lives.

Flooded areas are a source of worry in the monsoon seasons and it is very dangerous for anyone to step into the water during a flood because the outlet is submerged and electrical cords can easily energize the water.

The best practice that one could take is to avoid areas that are flooded and make sure not to use any electrical appliances that are in contact with water. That is why it is important to consider the safety measures to take when dealing with floods.

  • People should shut down main switches, ensure all switches are turned off, unplug all power supplies, and keep electrical appliances in a high and safe place away from flood water.
  • Avoid touching any electrical appliances or switches with wet hands.
  • Make sure electrical appliances submerged by the flood is inspected and tested by an electrical contractor who is registered with the Energy Commission before reusing them.
  • Stay away from fallen or broken electrical cables to avoid electrocution caused by active electricity flow.
  • Do not touch any electric supply box and pole or falling wires.

We hope you take your safety seriously so that you and your loved ones are safe when a disaster strikes.

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