As the festive season approaches, the number of unfortunate events, such as fatal accidents, fires, minor injuries, and so forth, rises. Typically, most people would decide to celebrate the festival by going back to their hometown, while, some people prefer to do so at home.

By following these safety tips, you can keep your home and electrical appliances safe as well as saving energy during these long holidays.

  • Do not use sockets with excessive electrical appliances or high loads.
  • Make sure all switches and electrical appliances in the house that are not in use are turned off when you go back to your hometown or go on a vacation.
  • Do not hang festive decorations on electrical poles/lines or installations.
  • Do not press the electrical switch with wet hands.
  • Make sure all electrical equipment is in good condition.
  • Use gas stove equipment that is approved and has the SIRIM-ST safety label.
  • Make sure the gas stove equipment is in working condition.

Practice these tips whenever you can, so that happy moments with family and relatives do not turn into sadness due to carelessness.

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