Drones are among the modern technology that is becoming more popular today. The application of drones does not only include hobby activities; they are also employed in the fields of agriculture, security, surveillance, rescue missions, research, and so on.

The ability of drones to capture beautiful sceneries from a high angle has sparked the interest and craze of users, even as a recreational and commercial hobby. However, the use of drones is also misused by some irresponsible parties for certain purposes.

According to Malaysia’s national aviation authority, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), flying a drone is permitted in Malaysia, and one need to be aware of the drone laws before doing so.

All regulations and operations of drone are governed by the Civil Aviation Regulations 2016 under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and among the rules enacted by Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAM) encompassing businesses, individuals, and government agencies.

CAAM divides drones, or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), into three categories:

  • Small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS)
  • Small unmanned surveillance aircraft
  • Unmanned aircraft system of more than 20kg

“Small unmanned aircraft system” refers to an unmanned aircraft that weighs 20 kg or less without fuel, while “small unmanned surveillance aircraft” is a small unmanned aircraft that is fitted to operate any form of surveillance or data acquisition. To summarize, any drone with a camera would fall under this latter category.

Any person who owns or operates a drone must first apply for a permit before flying the device to avoid prosecution. But under what circumstances? If…

  • You are using your drone for aerial work purposes such as mapping, surveying, inspection, or crop spraying.
  • Your drone weighs over 20kg without fuel, in which case you must also register your drone, and you must have a Private Pilot License or a Commercial Pilot License
  • You intend to fly in restricted areas.

Drone pilots should be familiar with the regulations before performing any flight operations. There are some places where operating ‘Unmanned Aircraft System’ UAS is prohibited for example in Malaysia there are several areas that are listed as no-fly zones for all types of drones, namely Putrajaya, KLCC, Parliament, and Istana Negara as well as public areas like hospitals, airports, and zoos.

Before you can start the CAAM permit application process, you need to get consent from the landowner whose property you intend to fly over and other supporting documents depending on your circumstances.

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